Local Senior Couple Gets Needed Home Repairs Thanks to Volunteer Effort – ARL now

A senior couple who lives in Arlingtons Glencarlynneighborhood received free home repairs today thanks to a group of volunteers.

More than 30 volunteers from the localRebuilding Togetherorganization and Lowesworked throughout the day today to fix up the couples home inside and out. The couple was for the volunteer work based on need.

We bring volunteers to peoples homes to make repairs, said Patti Klein, executive director of Rebuilding Together Arlington/Fairfax/Falls Church. They tend to be lower income homeowners that are seniors, people with disabilities, veterans and families with children.

The couple was having a very hard time getting up and down their front stairs, according to Klein. The husband also had heart surgery a few months ago.

The repairsincluded the installation of railings for both sides of the front steps, the installation of 16 storm windows, replacement of an A/C unit, and the installation of a carbon monoxidedetector, among many others.

Rebuilding Together Arlington/Fairfax/Falls Church is one of 150affiliates across the nation. Nationally, the organization does10,000 projects a year. The local affiliate does 70 projects a year.Lowes has been a national partner since 2007 and donated$15,000 for todays repairs.

We got a great group of people here and we are going to do a lot of great stuff, said Tony Reyna, manager of aLowes store in Fairfax.



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